Vented Lead Acid (VLA) Flooded Batteries

British Standard and DIN Standard

Century Yuasa BS and DIN standard batteries demonstrate a difference in manufacturing. Century Yuasa branded products are manufactured to meet the diverse conditions of the New Zealand environment.

Some of the features of BS and DIN Batteries include:

• Tubular positive plate technology to enhance service reliability.
• Tight manufacturing tolerances and unique alloy composition enable Century motive industrial cells to have the ability to operate in higher temperature environments.
• Zigzag polyethylene enveloping separator system provides good electrolyte circulation and reduced movement as well as granting excellent short circuit protection.
• Products have been designed to suit fast charging applications.


Century Yuasa bolt-on PZS batteries are designed to DIN standard. High manufacturing controls combined with unique design features provides these batteries with high cycle life and no electrolyte maintenance.

Some of the features of the VLA Bolt-on Batteries include:

• Low antimony alloy on the positive grids reduces the ageing effects typically associated with higher antimony alloy batteries.
• Use of ‘red lead’ combined with strict manufacturing tolerances, improves the structure of the active material ensuring uniform capacity between plates.
• Bolt-on terminals are designed to provide quick connection and disconnection of links during installation and maintenance.