Our automotive products portfolio includes some of the most recognised and trusted brand names in New Zealand and Australia. Our foundation began with the Century brand in 1928, now a household name with Australia and New Zealand's motoring public.

In addition to the famous Century battery, Century Yuasa Batteries distributes some of the world’s leading battery brands including, Yuasa, Katana and Optima.


Century batteries are engineered to better handle the unique challenges of New Zealand's climate and harsh driving conditions.  They incorporate pioneering design features and robust hardwearing components to deliver what motorists really want – longer life and ultra-reliability. From cars to 4WD’s, trucks to light commercial vehicles, boats to caravans and ride on mowers to stationary power systems, Century has the power solution.

Yuasa is synonymous throughout the world as a provider of premium quality stored energy solutions. Yuasa batteries lead the industry when it comes to performance and reliability and are the first choice for a diverse range of original equipment applications including: cars, trucks, motorbikes, scooters, ATV’s, Utility vehicles, PWC’s and uninterruptable standby power systems.   

Cruising the highway, taming New Zealand's off road trails, or riding waves out on the open water, Katana has the battery solution. Manufactured to the highest international standards, Katana Sports Batteries are designed to provide starting power and performance when it is needed the most. Featuring a comprehensive selection of powersports batteries, suitable for use in motorbikes, scooters, ATV’s, PWC’s and utility vehicles.

Optima batteries are the latest in AGM battery technology, utilising revolutionary Spiral Cell™ Technology to deliver superior performance and longer battery life.  Unlike standard batteries which incorporate flat plates, Optima batteries utilise spiral wound cells which provide greater resistance against vibration damage, deliver more efficient starting power and longer battery life. 

For more than two decades Enersun has been the industry leader in the manufacture and supply of solar storage batteries. The world class Enersun range of flooded lead acid and gel batteries brings together this experience and knowledge into products to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s solar market. From solar backup for communications to a complete commercial off grid system, Enersun will deliver year after year.

With over 20 years experience and knowledge to our name, Intelepower makes life easier for consultants, project managers and operators. Intelepower can make your life easier with a perfectly balanced approach to design, selection, integration and maintenance services which allows you to concentrate resources on the core of your business. With a suite of scalable products and services, tailoring a package to your requirements is straight forward. That's why prudent system operators trust Intelepower to design, commision and maintain their back-up power systems in mission critical applications.


Battery Zone NZ is one of New Zealand's largest connected network of independent auto electrical businesses brought together under the brand Battery Zone. Battery Zone offers a variety of services, including battery testing and fitment, marine and boat battery assistance, advice on camping and caravan power requirements, commercial battery assistance, and advice on battery care and maintenance. Battery Zone stores are locally owned, and stock only the best batteries from the global market leader Yuasa Batteries.