Century Yuasa is committed to eliminating or offsetting its impact on the environment

Utilising its international resources and adopting best practice procedures, Century Yuasa operates a significant recycling program and is actively involved in a national scheme that offsets emissions through ongoing tree planting.

98% of a battery product can be recycled

Century Yuasa's Green Plan is designed to ensure that the company's products are disposed of correctly, eliminating potential environmental hazards. The company has heavily invested in this by adopting a “whole of life” philosophy to managing its products - accepting responsibility for the battery from start to finish. Throughout its international networks, Century Yuasa utilises the battery recycling resources available globally to operate a successful recycling program.

Contributing towards a sustainable future for the lead acid battery industry in New Zealand

This battery recycling program has the potential to recycle more than 70,000 batteries nationwide each year, allowing the raw material to be used for the manufacturing of new product.

Offsetting Emissions

Century Yuasa is actively involved in a national program that aims to offset vehicle emissions through a tree planting initiative. Run by the Sustainable Business Network, the GreenFleet program assists businesses to actively reduce both the costs and associated harmful impacts of transportation. In order to offset the environmental impact of Century Yuasa's transport fleet, the company has planted in excess of 30,000 native trees throughout New Zealand since 2007.

Century Yuasa also has significant recycling programs operating within its support office and 11 branches nationwide.