MP Access Intelligent Chargers

This integrated battery and charger package can eliminate the need for second shift batteries. Century Yuasa's ‘Intelligent Charger’ package incorporates a high current charger and battery monitoring unit (BMU) which is installed on the battery. Using latest technology the BMU actively communicates with the charger to maximise the charging current applied to the battery when on charge, without adversely affecting the performance of the battery.

Some of the features of the MP Access Intelligent Chargers include:

  • Unique charging algorithm to provide safe and effective fast charging capability when integrated with Century Yuasa BMU.
  • BMU is specifically designed to provide active control over charging parameters during charging.
  • Queuing battery system.
  • Century approved charging algorithm improves charging efficiency, with the potential of reduced charging times.
  • Ability to capture and store data.
  • Programmed charge time function.
  • Alarm indication and log highlights immediate issues with batteries and charging.
  • V charging parameters reduces water consumption and physical deterioration of battery components.
  • High frequency power conversion technology providing 91% efficiency.