Century Yuasa’s strength lies in our breadth and depth of expertise in back-up power systems, including solar. The Enersun range of solar storage batteries consists of 6 flooded lead acid SSR batteries in various amp-hour ratings and two new GEL VRLA models; all of which incorporate a host of advantages designed to deliver reliable power in demanding off grid power situations. No matter the application, the correct Century Yuasa Enersun Battery will give hassle-free, reliable power for many years.    

Enersun SSR Batteries

Since 1991 the Enersun SSR range of solar vented (wet) lead acid (VLA) batteries has set a benchmark for reliable energy storage for solar applications in New Zealand. Their reliable performance is a testament to Century Yuasa’s years of dedicated research and design experience, combined with its accredited ISO quality assurance programs. Enersun SSR VLA batteries are purposely designed and manufactured to provide a guaranteed performance in New Zealand's environment.

Enersun Flooded SSR batteries incorporate tubular plates, employing glass fibre tubes with extra thick battery plates. This provides superior deep cycling performance and resistance against abuse & shedding of active materials, delivers improved resistance against short circuits and helps reduce corrosion for longer battery life. The Enersun flooded SSR battery range comprises of individual 2 volt cells connected to form either 6-volt or 4-volt batteries from 450 Ah up to 1320 Ah.

Enersun SSR Range

Enersun Gel Series

The GEL Series of Enersun batteries are designed to meet the growing request for low maintenance energy storage in applications in both domestic and recreational applications. Enersun GEL VRLA batteries offer a maintenance-free solution for providing backup power for telecommunications, small solar or wind power storage, and mobile applications. Constructed to international standards, the Enersun Gel (VRLA) series is constructed to survive New Zealand's diverse weather conditions.

As with the SSR range, Enersun GEL batteries are constructed using tubular positive plates and include all the benefits of this technology with some additions to allow for maintenance-free operation and amazing cycling capabilities. The Enersun GEL range comprises of 2 VRLA batteries incorporating tubular plates and gel electrolyte in both a 135 and 205 Ah rating.

Enersun Gel battery