Yuasa Industrial Batteries

The Yuasa brand is renowned for its long life and reliability. Manufactured by GS Yuasa Corporation, Yuasa industrial valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries are the keystone of many critical back-up power systems throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The Yuasa product range is grouped around different design life expectations of 5 years, 10 years and 15 years for floating applications, and 8 years for Cyclic (Solar) Applications.

Floating Applications

5-Year Design Life

The Yuasa NP VRLA battery uses advanced plate technology and sealed construction.  Its unique sealing technique prevents electrolyte leakage when the battery is mounted either horizontally or vertically.  The Yuasa NP range is available in an assortment of 6VDC and 12VDC monoblock constructions ranging from 0.8Ah (C20) to 65Ah (C20). For further information on the NP range click here.

10-Year Design Life

Yuasa UXH

The Yuasa UXH series is constructed to yield even greater capacity than comparable batteries. Incorporating Yuasa AGM technology guarantees that there is no ‘free acid’ in the battery allowing it to be mounted either vertically or horizontally.  Offering a variety of capacities from 75Ah (C20) to 200Ah (C20) in a selected range of 6VDC or 12VDC monoblocks, these industrial batteries are ideally suited to high rate stationary power applications.  For further information on the UXH Range click here.

Yuasa EN

The Yuasa EN series of VRLA batteries use an advanced gas recombination technology and advanced seal construction.  The perfectly sealed construction ensures that a high efficiency of gas recombination occurs.  Offering a choice of 6VDC and 12VDC monoblock construction and a capacity range of 100Ah (C10) to 480Ah(Ah), these batteries require minimal maintenance.  For further information on the EN series click here.

Yuasa UXF

The Yuasa UXF series of VRLA batteries are designed to provide the highest possible energy density, while offering a true 10-year design life product.  Incorporating a range of features, these batteries are perfectly designed to suit both 19” and 23” rack configurations.  These batteries are available in a 12VDC monoblock construction and capacities ranging from 90Ah(C10) to 150Ah(C10). For further information on the UXF series click here.

15-Year Design Life

The Yuasa UXL series is a premium range of VRLA batteries offering 15-years design life.  Designed to the highest standard, these batteries display high levels of reliability and while incurring minimal maintenance.   The design incorporated oxygen recombination reactions to eliminate the need to replenish with water. Available as 2VDC battery blocks in either 200Ah, 300Ah, 500Ah and 1000Ah (C10) capacities. For further information on the UXL series click here.

Cyclic (Solar) Applications

Yuasa UXL Solar Series

The Yuasa Ultra Extended Life (UXL) Solar series have been trusted in solar (cyclic) applications since the mid 1990’s.  The extra heavy duty grids made with unique lead-calcium alloys combined with high manufacturing tolerances provide long and reliable service life for shallow cyclic applications normally encountered in solar power systems. Available as 2VDC battery blocks in either 240Ah, 360Ah, 600Ah and 1200Ah (C100) capacities. For further information on the UXL Solar series click here.