Industrial Service

The purpose of Century Yuasa’s service offerings is to aid organisations that have mission critical back-up power supplies. The programs have been developed to reduce risk by having specialised and trained technicians to install, commission and repair these systems.

Employing Century Yuasa specialised knowledge, skills and experience associated with these power systems ensures clients can maximise the service life of the system and significantly reducing hazardous faults and costs.

Century Yuasa offer a range of specialised service packages associated with rectifiers, inverters, and industrial grade batteries.  These services include installation, commissioning, preventative maintenance, remedial maintenance, testing and repairing.

All work is carried out by in-house Century Yuasa electricians and technicians, and dedicated Century Accredited Service Providers (CASP).

CASP technicians are fully approved by Century Yuasa after being reviewed to comply with all relevant New Zealand prerequisites such as current licences and documentation. They are also evaluated against Century’s in-house criteria to ensure consistency of service quality.

Preventative Maintenance

The fundamental to Century Yuasa maintenance programs is the practical experience of interpreting collected data, and providing a qualified prediction of the system’s service life.

There are four (4) structured maintenance programs offered to provide greater depths of accuracy to predict a system’s expected life:

  • Inspection and Report Only (Site Audit).
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Program – DC Power Systems.
  • Discharge Testing.
  • Telecommunications cabinet battery replacement program.

Subcontractor Accreditation Program

To supplement Century Yuasa’s in-house resources, the company has accredited sub-contractors. These contractors are familiar with Century Yuasa products, systems and procedures and are audited annually so to maintain an expected level of knowledge and performance. All subcontractors and fully insured and are required to provide all necessary accreditation for their applied scope of works.